China and India- an interactive history workshop

posted on Tuesday 31st January

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China India mindmap

China- India mindmap

To co-incide with the Chinese New Year we invited a guest speaker, Mark Fletcher, an internationally known teacher trainer and author to lead an interactive workshop on perhaps 2 of the most important economies in the world.

Mark’s extensive travels and knowledge of these countries gave an interesting insight into their history and culture.

Mark started by dividing the students into 2 groups- those focusing on China and those on India. Using mindmaps and other visual stimuli, students shared information on topics such as the population, history, political system, economy, main industries and problems. For a little light relief,  participants practised using chop sticks to eat some of the Indian and Chinese snacks provided such as prawn crackers and poppadoms. The next activity involved labelling a map of either country with major landmarks such as cities, mountains, rivers and islands. To help, Mark had prepared a short text on each country which had to be interpreted.

To follow this up, ┬ástudents learnt some facts about 2 important figures in the history of these countries- Mao Zedong for China and Mahatma Gandhi for India. Mark created a picture strip and text relating important events in both people’s lives. The pictures had to be put in sequence to tell their biographies.
All in all, everybody left that evening with a little bit more knowledge about world history and the feeling that the best way to learn is by interacting and sharing with others.

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