Teaching for the School of English Studies

SES July 2016 (27 of 168)

If you interested in teaching English for us,  please contact us.  To teach our core skills lessons you need to have a qualification in English language training and ideally some professional experience.

Our students are motivated and ambitious and they need to be challenged by teachers who will drive them to exceed their expectations. With our in-house training we aim to develop awareness and pedagogy in areas normally neglected in English language training. Special attention is paid to non-verbal aspects of communication such as body language, intonation and use of the voice.

Teachers are also trained to to enhance and engage Critical thinking using tools such as Thinking maps and Thinking hats. Critical reading skills and logical reasoning are developed by showing our teachers how to use methods from mainstream education such as Socratic circles.

We encourage teachers to carry out action research in areas that interest them, be it Pronunciation, Interpersonal Skills, Intercultural competence etc and there is the opportunity to achieve an internally validated practitioner status.

We believe in teachers and students working together to attain a transformative educational experience. Consequently, we expect our teachers to be creative and eclectic when preparing lessons and to to look outside of the normal materials that they might have encountered in their initial teacher training. The Octorial programme is not prescriptive, following a narrow syllabus but rather a framework allowing teachers who enjoy being creative and autonomous to deliver the best learning experience for our students.

In addition we recruit teachers with specialist expertise and experience in fields such as law, medicine, economics, marketing, etc. to coach our professional students.

Please contact us at info@ses-folkestone.co.uk if you are interested in joining our team.